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Hi there!
My name is Luth and I am the author of this page.
First and foremost, let me introduce myself properly. My name is Luthfiansyah, maybe some people in IG knows me by my account name @ontakeriput
I am an accountant by day and an illustrator by night. Not for long though, since I am quitting my day job in near future to pursue my passion in art and to try my hands in apparel business. There are two things I love most. I love to draw, and I love cars and the automotive cultures around it. So, make a guess on what I usually draw? Yes, its cars.

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Thriving for a Gap

This world is certainly a weird place, and money is one of the main factor that caused it.

In life, there are these unseen tiers that affect people’s way of life. Between those tiers, there is a gap. This is what everyone thrives for, to close the gap, and move up a tier.

Whats the gap? The gap could be money-wise, status-wise, or everything that you think matters.

Funny thing is, people often think that when you close the gap and reach that next tier, life would be easier, life would be better, and that people would feel more content. But is that really the case?

Here is a tier. You, a college student, with side jobs. You are longing to buy things out of your paygrade. You want a PS4, you want a cool branded clothings, everything that your friends in the upper tier have.

You fight for it, study your ass off, work your hardest, then you graduate. You got a job, it pays quite well. You bridged that gap of income and status. You moved up a tier.

You bought the PS4, branded clothes, and things you always wanted to have, thinking that you would be content. But after you bought your PS4, you see there is still some money in your bank account, and even you begin to predict the money you will get in the upcoming months. Pretty soon, you are longing for something else. Something that your friends in the upper tier have. Then you try to bridge that gap between tiers again. And again. And again.

How much we hate to admit it, thats pretty much our life. Thats pretty much what majority of people’s life is. There is no getting around it.

The shitty thing is, the gap and tier is not always about money and stuff either. Lets say you are a monk. There will also be tiers that monks want to achieve in terms of… I dont know… Spritual achievement, purity, peace, or something.

There you go, lets continue our life

 Life of chasing tiers and bridging gaps.

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Islands of Life – Prologue

This was practically the view from my hotel’s room/villa in Labuan Bajo. Endless blue sky meeting the azure sea with occasionally white stripes of waves.
The year is almost over and so is my holiday. I am writing this at the Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport, waiting for the steel bird to fly me back home.
For the next few post I will be piecing together stories about Labuan Bajo. It will not be the usual traveling stories or guides like ‘I went there, here are the price list, what to do, etc etc’. Its gonna be about the nature, it’s connection with people, people’s way of life, people’s characters, things like that.

I’m so eager to share these stories with you since it really enlighten me about what it means to live in this part of Indonesia, living in this kind of Archipelago, to live by the sea, to live between islands.

But as much as I wanted to throw it all to you, I gotta board the plane now. Hope to see you guys in a bit!


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